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Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen Appelo

With his company Agility Scales, Jurgen is inventing the future of organizational agility. Why are we wasting our time learning how to manage companies, when very soon computers will navigate us through our work-lives and help us to lead and manage our teams?

As a serial founder, successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, Jurgen is pioneering management to help creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century. He offers concrete games, tools, and practices, so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers. He also offers a platform for you to share your practices and stories with the rest of the world.

Jurgen calls himself a creative networker. But sometimes he’s a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or… Dutch guy. Inc.com has called him a Top 50 Leadership Expert and a Top 100 Leadership Speaker. Since 2008, Jurgen writes a popular blog at NOOP.NL, offering ideas on the creative economy, agile management, organizational change, and personal development. He is the author of the book Management 3.0, which describes the role of the manager in agile organizations; How to Change the World, which describes a supermodel for change management; Managing for Happiness, which offers you practical ideas to engage workers, improve work, and delight clients; and most recently, Startup, Scaleup, Screwup, which contains 50% inspiring stories and 50% practices to follow and dives into the major topics that business leaders and entrepreneurs are confronted with throughout the business lifecycle.

Jurgen can help you upgrade your enterprise with more engagement and faster results; He can show you how to become an agile business with better software; He shows you how to creatively manage your company; And he can inspire professionals with a purpose, advocating work-life integration for creative people. Jurgen is CEO of the business network Happy Melly and co-founder of the Agile Lean Europe network. He is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world.

Talk: Shakeup and Speedup - Shifting up the Innovation Funnel

Starting new teams and scaling up innovation is more important than ever. The key to success
is applying different practices in different stages of the innovation lifecycle. What works for a
new business does not work for a mature one, and vice versa. In this talk, we will nosedive into
the major good practices for business leaders and product teams, from the moment they have
an innovative idea to the day they will scale it up (or screw it up). Everything depends on the
lifecycle stage of the new product or service.

Topics can include (depending on available time): Business Lifecycle, Shiftup Model,
Problem/Solution Fit, Product/Market Fit, Lean Personas, Jobs To Be Done, Value
Proposition Wheel, Pains and Gains, Lean Experiments, Minimum Viable Product, Business
Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Innovation Cycle, North Star Metric, Product Roadmaps,
Customer Journey Maps, Business Funnel, Pirate Metrics, Growth Hacking, Growth Board,
Innovation Funnel.

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We bring engaging industry leaders from around the world to present a combination of inspirational talks.
Rafał Bałaga MD SAP Labs Poland

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We bring engaging industry leaders from around the world to present a combination of inspirational talks.
Rafał Bałaga MD SAP Labs Poland


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